5 Terrible Timeshare Cancellation Mistakes You Should Prevent
Timeshare ownership can be a great investment for some, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re one of the many timeshare owners who have realized that their timeshare is no longer a good fit, you may be considering cancellation. Cancelling a timeshare can be a complicated process, and making mistakes along the way can be […] View More
Not Happy With Your Timeshare? Here’s How to Write a Cancellation Letter
If you own a timeshare and find yourself no longer happy with it, you may be wondering what your options are. One potential solution is to cancel your timeshare. While the process of canceling a timeshare can be complex, writing a cancellation letter is a crucial first step. If you don’t know how to cancel […] View More
5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Exit Timeshare Contracts
The timeshare industry has been around for decades, but there are many reasons why timeshares aren’t always worth the money. If you ever feel that your timeshare has become more of a burden than anything else, it may be time to consider canceling it. An expert timeshare attorney in Florida lists five reasons why canceling […] View More
Want to Cancel Your Timeshare? Here’s Why You Should Hire an Attorney
If you are thinking about canceling your timeshare, don’t do it without knowing what the results might be. Timeshare cancellation is not as simple as it seems, and may even be illegal in some cases. If you decide to cancel your timeshare, hire an experienced attorney with expertise in timeshare law so that you get […] View More
Is It Necessary To Use A Lawyer To Write Your Timeshare Cancellation Letter?
When you purchase a timeshare, the contract usually has some kind of cancellation clause that dictates how much time you have to cancel your purchase and get all of your money back. However, in some cases, that’s not enough time to make the decision on whether or not you should keep the timeshare. If you […] View More
What to Do If You Want To Cancel Your Timeshare?
Who knew timeshares could be so complicated? Most timeshare owners never really read the fine print before signing the papers, and now find themselves stuck in what seems like an endless cycle of fees and maintenance charges. Read on to learn what you can do if you’re looking to cancel a Florida timeshare or get […] View More
Pros and Cons of Owning a Timeshare
The time you purchase your vacation property can be one of the most exciting times in your life, but it may also be the beginning of your regrets over having purchased it. It’s an unfortunate truth that most timeshare owners are not aware of their cancellation rights or timeshare laws in Florida, and they may […] View More
Timeshare Attorney Florida: The Right Way to Cancel a Timeshare
When you sign up for timeshare ownership, you’re agreeing to pay annual maintenance fees and taxes to the timeshare resort or development company that owns your timeshare unit. While the fees may not be particularly high, they add up over time, which means that you need to find a way out if your situation changes […] View More
What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Timeshare?
Overcome the annoyance of having to pay for something we know isn’t worth it. At their worst, timeshares may be a major financial drain. Maintenance payments for timeshares seem to always rise, while the value of what you get in exchange remains constant or falls with age. So, if you’re thinking, “What happens if I […] View More
How to Prepare a Timeshare Cancellation Letter?
When you try to cancel, smooth-talking salespeople are trained to keep you in your contract, or worse, upsell you or renegotiate your term. You can get out of a timeshare and say goodbye to those pesky fees and rigid schedules. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want after you’re free of your timeshare. […] View More
How to Pick the Right Timeshare Cancellation Company?
It’s important to engage with a reliable timeshare cancellation company and to feel comfortable and secure in your decision if you want to cancel your timeshare. When selecting a company that helps in timeshare cancellation Florida, keep the following qualities in mind: Experience Make sure the timeshare cancellation firm has at least 10 years of […] View More
Why Is Timeshare Cancellation The Most Simple Way To Get Rid Of A Timeshare?
Let’s look at why timeshare cancellation is a simple way to rid yourself of your timeshare. Leave the heavy lifting to an experienced timeshare attorney in Florida. The cancellation of a timeshare is a complicated industry and process. Calls, letters, negotiations, paper chasing, and other activities might take months even years to complete. To give […] View More
How to Write a Perfect Timeshare Cancellation Letter?
A timeshare that looks good on paper might sometimes turn out to be not quite what it seemed. This ends up asking, “how to cancel my timeshare?”! Canceling the timeshare is not as easy as you think. The two things that you have to make sure to cancel your timeshare contract are hiring the best […] View More
Simple Ways to Cancel Your Timeshare Contract
If you sign a timeshare contract and later have buyer’s remorse, you may be able to cancel it if you move quickly. Because time is of the essence when it comes to timeshare cancellation in Florida, be sure to follow the proper cancellation requirements. Why Should You Terminate Your Timeshare Contract? When you buy a […] View More
Things You Should Know About Timeshare Cancellation
It’s that time of year again: Timeshare maintenance fees are due. Ugh. Maybe you’re one of the many people who, the week after signing the papers realized it was a horrible mistake. You feel trapped. And just like 85% of all timeshare owners, you’re wondering, how can I get rid of my timeshare. Getting into […] View More
I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Out of My Timeshare
You’ve fallen for a timeshare agreement and now you’re locked in — before you think about selling time shares to get out of the deal, you may be in luck: taking advantage of the hardship clause is one of the best ways to get out of a contract. What is the hardship clause? The hardship […] View More
Hotels Vs. Timeshares: Why Choose A Hotel Every Time
Summer is almost here and now more than ever families like yours are heading out on vacation. In fact, 37% of families say that vacations make them happy. While you’re out soaking up the sun you may find yourself targeted by a timeshare offer. This may seem like a great deal at first, but it […] View More
Scram Scam! How To Spot A Timeshare Scammer
Up to 3% of the American population owns a timeshare and many of them regret their purchase. But before you go about wondering how to sell a timeshare legally or how to get a deed in lieu of foreclosure, it’s important that you know how to look out for timeshare scams. Timeshare scams, especially timeshare […] View More
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