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Legal advice regarding timeshare cancellation is our forte. Schedule a free consultation appointment with Florida-based timeshare attorney Susan Budowski. We listen, evaluate and analyze your case, provide appropriate consulting and advice and if we feel there is potential, we shall represent you and take your burden off you, offering complete legal protection and guidance.

Timeshare resale is near non existence. Timeshare the people have paid tens of thousands of dollars for are for sale on Ebay for 1 dollar, just to get rid of their timeshare. What’s more frightening is the imminent loss that you may incur if you try to sell your timeshare. The scams are rampant, companies promising a buyer, charge an upfront fee, usually thousands, and you never hear from them again. All you want to do is get out of the mess, irrespective of money returns. That is why we are here help to you. Timeshare rescission letter, cancellation rights, and more – we walk you through the whole process and can help you get out of your timeshare.

Susan believes that “What’s right is what matters”. With all her credentials and experience, her quest for righteousness shines through. She accepts cases which she feels are justified and true – just as her past accomplishments prove. Her only goal is to help claim your justice, and with assured sincerity, she will not rest till she does!

A free consultation with legal attorney Susan Budowski would cost you nothing more than getting rid of your timeshare. Pick a date, bring your case and walk away with grace.

My Promise to You, “If I do not feel we can help you, I will not take your case.” – Attorney Susan Budowski

Timeshare Cancellation Consultation

Schedule your timeshare cancellation consult with Legal Expert Timeshare Attorney Susan Budowski. Your situation will be evaluated and if Ms. Budowski believes you have a case she will offer the firm’s representation. Attorney Budowski accepts less than 10% of her consults for representation. She will only take a case she believes can reach a positive resolution. For more information about Attorney Budowski and to view her experience and credentials