Thinking of cancelling a timeshare contract in Florida? Whatever your reason is, so long as it’s becoming a burden, The Law Offices of Susan M Budowski, LLC can help. Our esteemed lawyer and skilled staff have helped thousands of owners cancel a timeshare contract in the soundest legal way possible.

Only a licensed attorney can work on and facilitate a true cancellation.

If you decide to exit the agreement after the cooling off period has expired, the process will even get trickier, but possible with Susan Budowski’s guidance and experience.

We only turn to alternative solutions when the situation calls for it. Total consumer protection is our goal, which means that if you’re experiencing timeshare difficulties, we’ll help you set it right as quickly as possible.

Timeshare Cancellation Services in Florida

Timeshares in Florida can be a black hole. But it’s nothing you can’t get out of with the help of The Law Offices of Susan M Budowski, LLC.

Know, exercise, and defend your timeshare cancellation rights today.

When do you need to cancel a timeshare?

Here are some of the many reasons consumers seek timeshare cancellation:

  • Buyer’s remorse – it’s legal to cancel a timeshare due to buyer’s remorse since state laws mandate that your resort should have a 10-day cancellation provision. It only becomes complicated if regret sinks in after this period.
  • Fraud or deception – if you think that you’ve been misled by a timeshare representative or you ended up paying more than what was promised, it’s time to drop the timeshare completely as soon as possible.
  • Can’t afford yearly maintenance fees – if it’s become difficult for you to pay your yearly maintenance fees, it’s wise to cancel the timeshare before it pushes you deep into debt.
  • Rising management fees – if the rate hike is unreasonable, exiting is the wise move. Seeking legal help gives you a better chance of success.
  • Major life changes – a life event, like a medical emergency, home purchase, or marriage, are common reasons people unload a timeshare.
  • The timeshare is unwanted – resorts and developers anticipate the possibility of owners unloading their timeshare if they don’t want it anymore. It’s a vacation property, so it’s likely for people to trade it for another destination or hotel.

How We Can Help

The Law Offices of Susan M Budowski, LLC offers a number of legal solutions and alternatives to unload a timeshare. We can assist you in the following:

Timeshare cancellation

Susan Budowski has facilitated hundreds of timeshare cancellations in Florida. Having worked with several developers and timeshare representatives in the area, we’ve developed the right set of skills and knowledge to win in this complex area of law. We strive for cooperation, which is why most of our cases rarely reach the courtroom.

Deed in lieu of foreclosure

If you’ve expressed your intent to cancel the timeshare and the developer or resort denied it, defaulting can be a sound legal alternative. This option, however, is extremely delicate, and any form of default is bad for your credit score. But if it’s the best option for you, we’ll make sure you achieve a favorable outcome.

Timeshare deed back

Some resorts and developers have a deed back program that allows you to return your timeshare. In some cases, a deed back clause is included in your contract. If you meet the conditions laid out in the clause or program, you can deed back your timeshare anytime. We can assist you in assembling all the necessary documents to expedite the process.

Before you consider selling or giving your timeshare away, call us for a free consultation first.

Susan Budowski is not only a leading timeshare attorney in Florida, but she is also an English Solicitor, which allows her to practice law in nearly 40 countries.

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