Here are some of the many reasons consumers seek timeshare cancellation:

  • Buyer’s remorse – it’s legal to cancel a timeshare due to buyer’s remorse since state laws mandate that your resort should have a 10-day cancellation provision. It only becomes complicated if regret sinks in after this period.
  • Fraud or deception – if you think that you’ve been misled by a timeshare representative or you ended up paying more than what was promised, it’s time to drop the timeshare completely as soon as possible.
  • Can’t afford yearly maintenance fees – if it’s become difficult for you to pay your yearly maintenance fees, it’s wise to cancel the timeshare before it pushes you deep into debt.
  • Rising management fees – if the rate hike is unreasonable, exiting is the wise move. Seeking legal help gives you a better chance of success.
  • Major life changes – a life event, like a medical emergency, home purchase, or marriage, are common reasons people unload a timeshare.
  • The timeshare is unwanted – resorts and developers anticipate the possibility of owners unloading their timeshare if they don’t want it anymore. It’s a vacation property, so it’s likely for people to trade it for another destination or hotel.

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