It’s important to engage with a reliable timeshare cancellation company and to feel comfortable and secure in your decision if you want to cancel your timeshare. When selecting a company that helps in timeshare cancellation Florida, keep the following qualities in mind:


Make sure the timeshare cancellation firm has at least 10 years of expertise and has worked with your specific timeshare resort to cancel a timeshare. Every timeshare resort has its own set of rules and regulations. Working with a timeshare attorney Florida who has successfully terminated a contract with your specific resort will give you more confidence in your decision.


Cancelling a timeshare is a time-consuming and complicated negotiation procedure. Typical timescales range from six to twenty-four months. Look for a provider that will tell you how long it will take to cancel your timeshare.

Guaranteed result

Working with a timeshare attorney Florida who gives expected result can give you more confidence and comfort in your decision. This means that your timeshare cancellation company is able to successfully remove you from your timeshare. This guarantee usually has a time limit.

Costs & Services Are All-Inclusive

If you want to cancel your timeshare with as little stress as possible, look for a business that 1) includes all its expenses in its quote and 2) does all the timeshare cancellation work for you. All expected expenses should be disclosed upfront by a reliable timeshare cancellation provider, always a licensed attorney. Professionalism is exemplified by transparency. Furthermore, with the exception of a transfer charge, all costs should be all-inclusive.

Consultation is free of charge

Look for a provider that will give you a free consultation before cancelling your timeshare. This is your chance to ask a timeshare cancellation expert any questions you have and get a taste of what it’s like to work with the organization. Furthermore, many clients choose to work with a timeshare cancellation business that does all of the cancellation process for them. While you do all the labor, some timeshare cancellation businesses serve as advisors. Other timeshare cancellation services handle everything for you. Allowing a timeshare cancellation business to handle everything for you will save you many hours of phone calls, letters, emails, and arguments.

Dedicated Customer Service Representative

Working with a timeshare cancellation firm that offers them a dedicated customer care representative is beneficial to many customers. They will have a single point of contact to whom they may direct all their questions. This dedicated rep should also contact her or his customers at least once a month to provide updates, even if it’s just to let them know that the cancellation is still in the works. If you are wondering how to cancel my timeshare, you can contact The Law Offices of Susan M. Budowski, LLC.

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