Be wary of hidden timeshare closing costs and processing fees when you’re looking to sell your timeshare. It’s one of the first signs that you’re getting scammed.

The timeshare resale market in Florida has become highly populated with owners desperate to unload their unwanted timeshare. Unfortunately, it’s also teeming with scams.

It’s most likely a fraud if the reseller is:

  • Making you believe that they have a buyer ready who is interested in your property
  • Promising to connect you to the buyer, but first you need to pay a fee in advance to proceed further
  • Asking you to sign a contract and pay timeshare closing costs in Florida upfront

If you’re not sure about the timeshare reseller, you will need the help and guidance of an attorney to evaluate the situation. Consider the following tips:

  • Check with the timeshare company about the rules and regulations that may affect the resale or change of ownership
  • Ask the reseller about how he or she would advertise or promote your property
  • Ask the company to provide you with references of happy clients
  • Confirm with the company whether it would refund the amount you have paid in advance
  • NEVER pay any amount upfront. If it’s a legitimate real estate transaction, you should only be handing out money at closing with a licensed and insured title company. Anything else is a red flag and probably a scam.

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