Who knew timeshares could be so complicated? Most timeshare owners never really read the fine print before signing the papers, and now find themselves stuck in what seems like an endless cycle of fees and maintenance charges. Read on to learn what you can do if you’re looking to cancel a Florida timeshare or get out of an unwanted timeshare purchase.

What to Expect When Canceling a Timeshare?

  1. Your timeshare attorney in Florida will schedule a time for an in-person meeting or phone call.
  2. They will hear about your concerns with your timeshare and learn more about what happened and why you would like to cancel.
  3. They will discuss whether a legal option exists
  4. They will share pricing information and next steps. At that point, you’ll decide if it makes sense to move forward with representation or not.
  5. If it does, they will draft a proposal outlining the plan of action (this includes details such as price, timetable, objectives and potential risks)

If You Are Unhappy With Your Timeshare Contractor

Your first step is to think long and hard about whether or not you’re going to get out of your contract. Time shares are notorious for being difficult to get out of, and even if you do manage to escape, there may be hidden fees. In some cases, owners find themselves paying thousands of dollars just in cancellation fees. If that’s not a price tag you can stomach, then it might be best for you to leave things as they are.

How To Cancel Your Timeshare Legally

If you are looking for a way out of your timeshare, it’s important that you know what legal options are available and which ones will be best for your situation. In Florida, there are two ways to legally cancel a timeshare contract: one requires following certain procedures and may require some fees; and the other is perfectly legal but can lead to problems with other owners at your resort. It’s important that anyone considering canceling their contract knows their options before they make a decision. Hiring an experienced timeshare cancellation lawyer can help you in timeshare cancellation.

The Consequences of Cancelling a Timeshare

There are consequences to cancelling a timeshare that consumers should be aware of before they do so. Here’s a quick list: If you are currently using a rental service, you will not be able to rent with them for a few period after cancelling. This means if you cancel now, it might mean no vacation for a while – there’s no guarantee that within that certain period there will still be resorts with available weeks and nights or any vacancy at all!

Timeshare Cancellation Attorney in Florida

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