When you try to cancel, smooth-talking salespeople are trained to keep you in your contract, or worse, upsell you or renegotiate your term. You can get out of a timeshare and say goodbye to those pesky fees and rigid schedules. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want after you’re free of your timeshare. But first and foremost, let’s talk about the basics. You might need to send a letter to your timeshare firm if you are thinking about how to cancel my timeshare.

How to Compose a Timeshare Cancellation Letter?

When it comes to your timeshare, if you’ve reached a breaking point, it’s time to act. But hold off on sending that 10-page letter. Take a deep breath, organize your thoughts, and then create your letter when you’re ready. You can also seek the help of timeshare exit team in Florida

for your timeshare cancellation, which will ensure all your paperwork is filed correctly.

Make a Written Cancellation Request

In fact, go ahead and purchase a folder to keep all of your timeshare cancellation documents in. It will come in handy. Your cancellation request does not come in the form of an email. It must be a typed letter that is printed and mailed to your timeshare company. Make a copy for your files. You can hire an experienced timeshare attorney in Florida for your timeshare cancellation process.

Include a Specific Appeal to Terminate Your Timeshare in Your Letter

You must be extremely explicit in your letter that you are cancelling your timeshare. You don’t have to be a jerk to be effective, but you must be forceful. “Request to Cancel Timeshare,” or “Timeshare Cancellation Request,” should be your subject line (printed letters have subject lines as well).

Make a List of All the Key Information

The individual who receives your timeshare cancellation letter has the responsibility of preventing you from cancelling your timeshare. It’s that simple. Your role is to provide all of the information they require to keep your request moving forward. Nothing will make them happier than if you overlook to include crucial facts. This simply gives them more time to ignore you or persuade you to stay. Don’t let them get away with it! Include the following information in your timeshare termination letter:

  1. The timeshare’s name as it appears on your contract
  2. The contract holder’s name
  3. The contract number
  4. The date of purchasing Your membership number

Set the Bar High

Companies who sell timeshares generate money by trapping consumers into defective contracts that depreciate faster than automobiles. It is their goal to keep you in even if you want to leave. Declare in your letter that you are not interested in a resale, beneficiary transfer, or any other options for ownership. Also, specify that you expect a response within 30 days, through certified mail, acknowledging receipt of your letter.

All Correspondence Should Be Sent Via Certified Mail

Don’t believe them when they say they haven’t received your letter. Send everything via certified mail so you can be sure your request was received. Carry on in the same manner for any additional correspondence needed during the cancellation procedure. If you are looking for an experienced timeshare attorney in Florida, you can rely on The Law Offices of Susan M. Budowski, LLC.

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