timeshare attorney in FloridaTimeshare ownership can be a great investment for some, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re one of the many timeshare owners who have realized that their timeshare is no longer a good fit, you may be considering cancellation. Cancelling a timeshare can be a complicated process, and making mistakes along the way can be costly. In this blog post, a timeshare attorney in Florida highlights five common mistakes that you should avoid when cancelling a timeshare.

Mistake #1: Waiting Too Long to Cancel

One of the biggest mistakes that timeshare owners make is waiting too long to cancel their timeshare. Many timeshare contracts have specific cancellation deadlines that must be met in order to cancel the contract without penalty. If you miss this deadline, you may be on the hook for additional fees and penalties, making the cancellation process much more costly.

Mistake #2: Not Reviewing Your Contract

Before attempting to cancel your timeshare, it’s important to review your contract. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your agreement, including any cancellation policies and procedures. If you’re unsure about any aspect of your contract, consult a timeshare attorney in Florida who can help you understand your options.

Mistake #3: Not Getting Everything in Writing

When cancelling a timeshare, it’s important to get everything in writing. Make sure that all communication with the timeshare company is done in writing and keep copies of all correspondence. This can help protect you in case there are any disputes or misunderstandings during the cancellation process.

Mistake #4: Failing to Follow Up

Once you’ve submitted your cancellation request, it’s important to follow up with the timeshare company to ensure that your request is being processed. Keep track of any deadlines or requirements for additional information, and make sure to submit any necessary documentation on time.

Mistake #5: Not Seeking Legal Advice

Timeshare cancellation in Florida can be a complicated process, and mistakes can be costly. If you’re having difficulty cancelling your timeshare, or if you’re unsure about any aspect of the cancellation process, consider seeking legal advice from a timeshare cancellation attorney. An attorney can help you navigate the complex process of cancelling a timeshare and protect your rights as a consumer.


If you’re considering cancelling your timeshare, it’s important to avoid making common mistakes that can be costly and time-consuming. Make sure to review your contract, get everything in writing, follow up with the timeshare company, and seek legal advice from a timeshare attorney in Orlando Florida if necessary. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can make the cancellation process as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

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