It’s unfortunate that timeshare resale scams in Florida are common. Recent economic problems have pushed many owners to sell their timeshare, creating the right opportunities for scams to thrive. There are honest companies in the market, however, and not everyone who is interested in selling your timeshare is out to take advantage of your situation.

Distinguish the fraudulent from the legitimate with a few tell-tale signs when it comes to timeshare resale.

Some of these include:

  • They call you and tell you they have a buyer for your timeshare. If you still owe money on your timeshare, no legitimate buyer would want it.
  • They ask for money to get you released from your timeshare contract. During the phone call, the scammer may attempt to pressure you into paying them in advance.
  • They want money upfront to list or market your timeshare. If a real estate company doesn’t need the seller to give them money to sell their house, why would a timeshare resale company do so?
  • The contact rushes you through the process, claiming that there’s already a buyer waiting to take the timeshare from you.

How to Avoid a Timeshare Resale Scam

  • Don’t consider a reseller that reaches out to you first.
  • Make a list of legitimate resale companies or realtors in your area and double-check their standing from the Attorney General’s office, the state’s Division of Corporation, or your local Better Business Bureau.
  • Don’t make a decision in one phone call, no matter how desperate you are. Most timeshare resale scams in Florida happen in just one phone call.
  • Consult with an attorney who’s adept in the field or hire one to assist you throughout the transaction.

Selling property is a big decision, timeshares are no different.  You’d want to make sure you get the best deal and that you’re aware of your rights, responsibilities, and any kind of protection you have as a seller.

Whether you’re in the process of selling your timeshare or you’ve been victimized by a resale scam, we can help.

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