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Timeshare Contract Cancellation

Timeshare Cancellation Services

If you have been a Timeshare owner for a while and have now realized that the Timeshare representative has misled you at the time of purchasing it, we will help you out with a free assessment. There are many owners who frequently ask us about how to cancel their timeshare contract. But only a few of them are aware that it is possible to get rid of their timeshare property.

The resorts never tell the owners about your timeshare cancellation rights in Florida. Most owners simply file a complaint with the resorts while some seek the help of outside agencies but they end up by agreeing to sell their Timeshare. We advise you that it is not wise to make a deal with any company that promises to help you in selling Timeshare. There is no market for timeshare resales, they are sold everyday for $1.00 on Ebay from owners who have paid tens of thousands of dollars for their timeshare only to realize there is no resale value.

As a consumer you have every right to fight against a Timeshare resort, don’t let them fool you that you have signed a contract that is legal and binding and you can do nothing about it. Many of these organizations are successful at making their clients believe that they can do nothing!

So feel free to call us and we will be delighted to get you out of the Timeshare black hole. Our Timeshare cancellation services have a proven track record that has helped hundreds and hundreds of owners to get rid of their Timeshare property with absolute care and caution. Cancellation of your Timeshare contract is quite a challenging task. Our legal team has the expertise to guide you through the process of cancellation and all associated mortgage, maintenance and evaluation fees.

While others simply advertise that they would help you out for free and end up in giving poor results, we offer you personalized services. Just call and speak to us and you will see the difference in dealing with a licensed law firm verse a timeshare advocacy or cancellation company who are not licensed attorneys and are operating on commissions from you just like the timeshare company sales representatives.